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Multifandom Dressing Room
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26th-May-2009 07:53 pm(no subject)
white light majesty
[In wanders Amaterasu, a very confused sun goddess/puppy dog.  If you see her, you'll either see a god or a white wolf - either way, you'll see her tilting her head in mild confusion.]

1st-Apr-2009 07:38 pm - !mod post blablabla.
Here is the mod who talks english worse than an idiot. YEAAAH.

All places are allowed in this ·$%&. :3
28th-Mar-2009 12:39 am - Some kind of weird Intro
[Rinali appears randomly in a some kind of dark and forgotten street]

W-What...? Where I'm?... This place scares me...

The only that I can remember I was doing some coffee for oniichan and Allen started to talk to me and...

I can't remember more.... [sigh]

Hope here isn't akumas...
26th-Mar-2009 08:45 pm - intro: ladies and gentlemen!
What started with a simple rope illusion he wanted to show Aoko ended with him locked in a small dark closet, gagged, blindfolded and trussed tight by a total of no less than six polycarbonate cuff straps. Interesting way to spend the rest of lunchtime. Really, Hakuba. Kaito smirked slightly from inside the black sack that had been thrown over his head. The British detective probably hadn’t expected him to pull from his impossibly voluminous pockets a strait jacket though, much fun – ...what? Hakuba had produced riot handcuffs, for god’s sake! It was an obvious challenge! And his strait jacket so owned Hakuba’s lame yellow plastic cuffs.

Amusing that no one had questioned them about either.

All of a sudden, one of the mops fell on Kaito’s head, as would be expected of a cleaning supplies closet. Ouch. The class prankster scowled. “So this is where Aoko keeps her secret stash, huh,” he muttered. Not at all desired conditions for an impromptu trick. Hakuba, argh, damn him.

Within a few clever twists, Kaito was soon out of the strait jacket – after all, it was not regulation, naturally. The gag, sack and blindfold lay strewn at the magician’s bound feet barely half a moment later. Now to the blasted cuffs – which he could trick, of course. Hm, a roller lock, eh? Kaito chuckled to himself softly – man, he owed the inventor of bobby pins so bad. 

...Then there was the closet door - what indeed had his classmates done to it? He did agree to this didn’t he? Well, at least he knew he had an eager audience. Kaito sighed.


...Um, okay really, what had they done?? This was not the classroom... 


[OOC: if possible, try 3rd person with me? I need to get my Kaito muse into gear quick smart, so if this looks recycled, it is~]
25th-Mar-2009 10:03 pm - Intro
[Badou fumbles through his pockets as he looks around, needing a smoke now more than ever. He has no idea where he is, and seriously, this is the last fucking time he's going to ignore where he's walking. So, great, he's lost, and is fairly sure he's not even in his own city anymore. Absurdly, he hopes there will be somewhere to get more cigarettes, since the pack he has on him is half empty. Even though he's well aware that cigarettes should really be the least of his worries right now.]

...Well, fuck.
24th-Mar-2009 07:37 pm - [spanish] INTRO

[Después de limpiar con fervor su departamento, Tamao se limpió el sudor de la frente y cerró sus ojos, pero-- al abrirlos, se encontraba en un lugar completamente distinto.]

E-Eh...!? Que clase-- de lugar es este? Estoy soñando?


Si, c-creo que estoy soñando, verdad? Ahaha...

[Sundando frío]

((OOC: D-Decía que el español estaba permitido... si cometí algún error, háganmelo saber, por favor. and if you'd rather have me post in English, please let me know, as well!! ))
24th-Mar-2009 08:26 pm - Intro
[This is most definitely not Riza's apartment. She doesn't think she took a wrong turn on her way home from work, she doesn't know how she ended up here, but one thing is for certain, she's somewhere unfamiliar. And to Riza - or anyone, really, who's been through the same kind of situations - unfamiliar equals dangerous. It's no suprise that she's already grabbed a pistol in the few seconds it's taken her brain to register that she's not where she's supposed to be, and is looking around warily.]

((OOC: Yes, this is manga!canon Riza here; ignore the large amount of anime icons I have. *facepalm* If I'm playing her wrong, I've got a how's my driving post over at her journal. Don't be afraid to tell me what to improve upon.))
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